CDB Workshops

Completed Project I – SIS Workshop Facilitation

Consulting Services for Design, Preparation & Implementation of a Training Programme in Project Formulation and Project Management in CDB’s Borrowing Member Countries


Client: Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Duration: 3 years

Budget: $2.11M (US)

Consultants: Project Managers, Economists, Sociologists, Public Finance Specialists, Trainers and the Bradford Centre for International Development (BCID), Bradford University.  The consultants are based in the Caribbean, USA, Canada and the UK with work experience in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

The programme covers the requirements for effective management of the entire project cycle in a series of discrete modules. The modules are categorized as follows:

  • A Core Course comprised of three modules (Project Formulation & Financial Analysis, Economic Analysis & Impact Assessment and Project Execution);
  • Five Specialized Modules: Monitoring & Evaluation, Social Policy Planning, Risk Assessment & Management, Procurement & Contract Management and Public Policy Analysis
  • An Introductory Module on the fundamentals of Project Cycle Management.


The Specialised Modules are intended to provide more in-depth training than Core Modules in key areas of project cycle management where some practitioners require greater knowledge and a broader range of practical skills. The Introductory Module is intended to introduce participants, with little or no training in project cycle management, to the fundamental concepts, key issues and approaches to project planning and administration.

It has trained approximately 210 participants per annum from all the 14 member countries of the CDB including Haiti.  It is innovative in that it allowed the CDB to replace its own in-house training programme at significant cost savings because it is 2 weeks residential and 10 weeks distance learning for each module of the Core Courses.  The Core Course also leads, on successful completion, to a Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management which enables the participant to proceed to an M.Sc in Project Management.  It has involved the production of new material for the Learning Resource Handbooks and Case Studies, the workshop presentations and distance learning component.