Carib WinBid TM

Procurement personnel and consultants need access to information in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner customised to their needs.  This is generally difficult in the Caribbean since most information is accessible only by direct personal contact.  SIS has, therefore, developed the Carib WinBid System to fill that need.

These are some of the services that it can supply:

  • Single Project Intelligence Reports. Typically the report would include information specific to the client’s needs, estimated value, duration, country, and desk officer in either Caribbean organisation or IFI etc.
  • Annual Subscription for Project Intelligence. This option gives the most complete information on all Caribbean projects (contracts, approvals and pipelines).  Annual Subscribers are sent reports before the project is posted on the SIS website.  It would include all the elements above.
  • Skills Intelligence. Increasingly projects require multi-disciplinary teams.  Also extra points are given for local experience in bid evaluations.  Consultants and companies then require skills intelligence.  SIS will give a full report on skills, availability, rates etc.
  • Marketing Consulting Services. This is probably the most challenging for consultants.  After careful consultation a marketing strategy is identified and carefully implemented.
  • Bid Preparation. This involves the collection of the bid documents, clarification of the ToR, assisting in writing and researching the technical and financial proposals, checking to ensure compliance with the ToR and tender regulations of the organization, delivery of the package, being present at the opening of the bids (if necessary) and follow up until a decision is obtained.
  • Administrative Support. This is sometimes required by overseas consultants and visiting personnel from IFIs.