About Us


Our Approach

Scientific Information Services (SIS) Ltd is a Caribbean business which specializes in facilitating procurement for Caribbean projects funded by the International Financing Institutions (IFIs): IDB, World Bank, EDF, CDB, USAID, CIDA & the UN.

SIS Limited is a business driven to provide the highest quality service to our clients consistently in an unique Caribbean business environment. We help guide your business to the right project and ensure the project is delivered on time first time.

SIS is nimble efficient and focused on making your next Caribbean project a success.

Our Story

Scientific Information Services (SIS) Limited was founded by Dr. Lucretia Gabriel and grown slowly and organically into a premier project intelligence and procurement provider for the Caribbean. It was started in a folder on the desk of Dr. Gabriel in 1991. After 10 years of research and relationship building with International funding agencies, the Carib WinBid was launched.

Carib WinBid allows SIS to supply information required by procurement personnel and consultants in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. SIS has the capability to supply teams of Caribbean and/or overseas consultants for projects in every sector required for the Caribbean.

SIS now has a worldwide network of consultants, a flexible and efficient administration team, diverse range of clients and completed projects.

Meet the Team

Lucretia Gabriel , Director Of  Projects

Lucretia Gabriel, B.A., M.Agr.Sc., PhD is an analytical chemist and consultant who is perhaps best known for her social work with those at high risk of violence. As Projects Director of Scientific Information Services (SIS) Ltd she facilitates procurement for Caribbean development projects funded by the International Financing Institutions (IFIs). SIS Ltd provides multi-disciplinary teams to implement projects.

Timothy Gabriel, Chairman

Timothy Gabriel, B.Sc is an exploration geologist who has worked for Texaco, Trinidad Tesoro, Trintopec, Petrotrin, Primera Oilfield Management Services and Niko Resources.

Heather Gabriel , Operations Manager

Heather Gabriel, B.A. , is an experienced manager and entrepreneur. She is a serial entrepreneur with a firm focus on maintaining profitability and growth. Heather is the nerve center of SIS Limited, a dedicated and focused professional who ensures SIS delivers a quality on-time product within budget.

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